Contents Rights Owners

We are looking to license catalogues of music across Africa while generating revenue for our partners. So why should you come on board with Jhuba?

We will be another source of revenue for artists and their team; paying out per streams just like our competitors [Spotify, Apple, Deezer, etc]. Taking it a step further, we pay out frequently during the year.

We pledge to donate up to 5 percent of our Net Profit to educational charities within Africa. This will NOT impact content owner’s revenue

To protect contents, reduce piracy and maximise revenue, we restrict access to streaming only. While we allow music streaming without internet connection, we do not allow physical download of music to users’ device. We aim to create a culture of streaming music in Africa!

We aim to curate content and tailor it individual user; making it easier for artists to feature on our curated playlists.

With so many untapped opportunities, the music streaming industry continues to grow exponentially. In the last 2 years, the number of subscribers who pay for music has increased from 133m to almost 300m user. Jhuba will expose your music to millions of people that have not engaged with streaming platforms.

We will ensure that fans of the artists engage with our service, by providing the best customer journeys. This is because we have a great team that understands the industry, the importance of user experience and mobile interface.

You have nothing to lose by bringing your music to a secure platform that is willing to support artists, protect their crafts and offer a reasonable payment structure